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Demystifying the development of complex systems

3sK’s approach to safety critical embedded systems engineering is to ensure product development processes conform to industry standards, agile enough to meet ongoing customer change requests and having the rigour to produce the best in class and assure absence of unreasonable risk. This balanced approach offers our clients a competitive advantage over their competitors.

This is one of the primary drivers for 3sK to develop our Unified Development Framework® (UDF). UDF was created to integrate needs of Automotive SPICE®, ISO 15288 and ISO 26262. UDF currently offers these standards integrated as base practice. We are in the process of incorporating standards for security and non-automotive safety to UDF.

UDF – Requirements and Design Phase

UDF – Integration, Verification and Validation Phase


Any system development has a life-cycle, and life-cycles vary from industry to industry. Most automotive projects start with 70% carry over, reducing risk. However, not knowing what is carried over and lack of understanding of legacy systems can lead to integration issues between sub systems. 3sK recommends a methodical and systematic way to solve this industry wide problem.

3sK commences system development by understanding a systems context, its intended usage, produce-ability, transportation, needs for sales and marketing, and maintenance and disposal. All these phases of a system development life-cycle are part of 3sK’s UDF. It is important to recognise and capture needs and wants of each life-cycle stage. In some cases, requirements can be conflicting. Understanding conflicting requirements at an early phase of product development can de-risk against escalating cost and project delays.

Tackling System Complexity

Through Knowledge, Experience, Agility and Innovation

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