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A Process Reference and Assessment Model for ECU Software Parameterisation Data

Calibration SPICE Process Model

3sK and Jaguar Land Rover collaborated to develop a process reference and assessment model for ECU software parameterisation (calibration) data.

The paper was presented at the 2018 SPICE conference, Thessaloniki, Greece. The paper is accessible via Springer.

Tags: SPICE, Calibration, Parameterisation, Process Assessment Model, Process Reference Model, ECU Software

Authors: Paul Darnell (Chief Engineer, 3sK), Joe Walsh (Technical Specialist, Jaguar Land Rover)

Abstract: There have been significant developments in process models for the development of embedded software over many years, culminating in the Automotive SPICE® process model. In automotive applications, there has been an increasing use of application parameters within the embedded software to allow for the parameterisation of generic solutions to specific vehicle applications. This paper proposes a process assessment model that can be applied to the parameterisation process, referred to as calibration. The process follows the framework of the Automotive SPICE® process model and links to the ‘plug-in concept’ therein described. It details an exemplar calibration process and defines specific outcomes and base practices. The steps within the processes will be familiar to professionals working in the field of calibration. The benefit of the process model is combining elements of industry best practice into a single process model.


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