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System & Software Development

Whether you require support, structural architecture or full system design and development, 3SK can provide the service that ensures functional safety is the bedrock of your software and systems.

Why you need System and Software Development

Whether you are experiencing issues with an existing system, are developing a new product, or don’t have the expertise in-house to manage or create a complex system, 3SK can help.

We consult, lead and support companies, providing expert knowledge on how to develop your software and system architecture, ensuring functional safety is considered from the start.

You benefit from:

Getting the most out of your current software

Bespoke systems that focus on functional safety

Complexity management and innovative solutions

An expert team with practical experience

3SK Services for System and Software Development

Every business has unique needs from their system and software, so at 3SK we provide bespoke, tailored solutions that are designed with your company’s specific needs in mind. 

Our range of services includes everything from ground-up system design to adapting existing software, and we can even support your team to ensure they’re getting the most out of your system.

Whole System Lifecycle

We provide support in everything from stakeholder requirements elicitation, system design specification, implementation, integration, testing and verification.

Requirements Management

3SK will design and implement the perfect requirements management solution for your business. Using industry leading tools and standards you can ensure you get the right approach.

Software Architecture

By consulting and guiding software development teams, we design scalable and reusable software architectures. We ensure that Functional Safety is considered and incorporated into the design from day 1, embedding it into every aspect of your architecture, not simply adding it on at the end.

Model based systems engineering

Supplement your textual requirements based approach to system design with a structured model based approach to systems engineering. Specify system structure, behaviour, interfaces and relationships to provide greater clarity for your intended system design.

Model based controls development

Typically, using Matlab Simulink, we can support the development of your real time embedded system. Support your existing team with design reviews, testing, traceability and documentation.

Verification and Validation strategies

We define the verification and validation strategies based upon the level of risk and technical uncertainty. This ensures the right level of robustness is applied to all areas of testing to instill confidence and reduce risk.

Why 3SK?

The 3SK team has extensive knowledge and practical experience of designing and developing real time embedded systems and software.  

We know how to creatively solve complex problems, and ensure that functional safety is always at the forefront of our processes. This enables us to develop systems that are unique to your business needs.

Case Study

Tier 1 HV Inverter manufacturer

A leading Tier 1 HV Inverter manufacturer contacts 3SK to develop Technical Safety Concept for their next generation Power Inverter.

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