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Process Methods & Tools

The right tools and process methods enable your business to work efficiently, keep quality high and meet regulatory requirements.

Why you need Process Methods and Tools

Most companies understand the importance of having the right process methods and tools, but identifying the right ones for your business can be incredibly challenging. 3SK can help you find the right tools for your company.

You benefit from:

An independent expert’s view of what’s required

Toolsets that are appropriate for your needs

Process methods that meet regulatory requirements

Training for staff on how to use your tools and process methods

3SK Services for Process Methods and Tools

With so many different tools and process methods available, it can be incredibly difficult to understand which ones are right for your business.

It can be tempting to think that you can get by using Excel or DOORS, and miss out on the benefits of tools that can improve efficiency and help you comply with regulations and standards too.

Requirements Management Tools

We objectively evaluate the requirements management tools suitable for your business and provide proposals to suit your unique needs. We will work with tool vendors on your behalf to ensure successful implementation and deployment into your organisation. Recommended Requirements Management Tools include: DOORS, Polarion, JAMA.

MBSE Tools

Working with you, we identify suitable Model Based System Engineering tools for your business. Recommended MBSE Tools include: Sparx Enterprise Architect, IBM Rhapsody, Cameo Systems Modeller.

FMEA tools

FMEA tools systematically analyse and understand the failure modes of functions within your system design. Recommended FMEA tools include: Byteworx, APIS-IQ.

Fault Tree tools

These provide top down deductive failure analysis in which an undesired state of a system is analysed using Boolean logic. Recommended Fault Tree tools include: Isograph.

Controls Development tools

Controls Development tools provide model based graphical programming environments for modelling and simulating control systems. Recommended Controls Development tools include: Simulink.

Planning tools

Effective and transparent planning of tasks for the engineering activities, assignment of roles to process activities and defining milestones requires intuitive planning tools. Recommended Planning Tools include: MS Project, Smartsheets.

Configuration Management

Retain control over all engineering artefacts throughout the development cycle using Configuration Management tools. These can ensure access is maintained, versions are managed and history is available. Recommended Configuration Management tools include: SharePoint.

Change Management

Control the changes to configuration managed work products. Changes should be requested, assessed, planned and reviewed. Recommended Change Management tools include: JIRA, SharePoint.

Risk Management

Effective Risk Management tools ensure all risks are identified, assessed and mitigated so not to impact on a project’s schedule or budget. Recommended Risk Management tools include: JIRA.

Problem Management

All problems or issues should be logged and tracked to closure. Problem Management tools enable you to track and log issues to ensure they’re resolved, but also provide a reference to ensure similar problems don’t happen on future projects. Recommended Problem Management tools include: SharePoint, JIRA.

Why 3SK?

We provide independent advice that’s unique to your own business requirements. We don’t have an affiliation with a tool vendor or provider, which means that we can be completely objective.

Our aim is to provide you with a toolset and process methods that are going to enable you to meet all your regulatory and compliance standards, as well as improving your processes and efficiency.

Case Study

Highly automated warehouse distribution

A company specialising in highly automated warehouse distribution had purchased a model based systems engineering (MBSE) tool.

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