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Functional Safety Development


An aviation company that has taken up the challenge of developing electric aircraft are in their final stages of the design phase. They have successfully sourced the HV battery and BMS system for the test flight from a supplier and were confident that the design would meet all the necessary system requirements. 3SK was asked to get involved in the project to provide a safety assessment of the Energy Storage System (ESS) by providing them a set of system level safety requirements to close the design gap before going into production.


The customer was attracted by the well-established technical process that we had for automotive safety assessment and this became the starting point of the project. In the next couple of discussions, the following steps were agreed to execute the projects:

  1. Adapt/update the existing 3SK process to include aviation safety standards.
  2. Engage with stakeholders to understand their system and project needs.
  3. Prioritise and plan the project activities and agree on delivery milestones.
  4. Develop safety assessments of the system as per the agreed process.
  5. Perform gap analysis and generate requirements.
  6. Engage the Client for regular review of the work products and adopt any feedback in the next subsequent iterative delivery.

We understand the priorities of the business keep changing, so we make sure there is regular engagement with our Client. This helps us to deliver with highest quality and within the agreed project timeline by being agile and transparent.


  1. An easy to follow system safety assessment process for aviation.
  2. Safety assessment done systematically using the safety guidelines, APR4754 and APR4761.
  3. Production of a clear set of safety requirements with full traceability.
  4. Full Safety Report which captures the design gaps and recommendations.
  5. Complete delivery of project within the stipulated timeline.

Value Add:

  • Sharing cross-industry knowledge and learnings.
  • Providing high quality technical work with clear traceability for ease of understanding.
  • Supporting the technical team to present the findings in front of management and suppliers.
  • Ability to understand the limitations of the architecture and plan the future development.
  • Fast turnaround of technical delivery to support development gateways.

Customer Feedback:

Project leader: “The most professional team that I have come across in my career. Thank you for all the hard work.”


Functional Safety Development

Putting functional safety at the heart of your systems and processes enables you to meet your ISO 26262 and ASPICE requirements, but it also improves business performance, quality and reduces risk.

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