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About 3SK

At 3SK knowledge, experience and a genuine passion for what we do are the driving force behind our success and our service.

Who are 3SK?

Experience alone isn’t enough when it comes to solving today’s complex engineering problems. Having the knowledge to apply the correct people, processes and tools at the right time for the specific task is essential. This is how 3SK are able to provide our clients with robust solutions to complex problems using extensive practical engineering knowledge and experience.

Our expertise within the fields of Systems Engineering, Functional Safety and Software Engineering is combined with the latest research and evidence-based analysis. Backed by our practical engineering knowledge and experience, we provide solutions that deliver maximum value and impact to our clients.

Ikigai concept diagram


Ikigai is a Japanese concept that essentially means “a reason for being”. This concept is at the heart of 3SK, as we quite simply love what we do. It’s such an essential part of our company’s DNA, that it has even provided the inspiration of our logo.

Ikigai reminds us that if you have a passion for your work, you’re always driven to do an excellent job.

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