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Functional Safety Development

Functional safety needs to be at the heart of your systems and processes in order to comply with ISO 26262 requirements, but it can also add value to your business.

Why you need Functional Safety Development

ISO 26262 requires functional safety to be the cornerstone of your systems and processes. 3SK can help you meet those requirements by building functional safety into your processes, and providing training and management to ensure they are consistently and correctly used.

You benefit from:

An expert team with experience in automotive and aerospace requirements

A faster deployment of Functional Safety into your business

A pragmatic approach, focusing on value add activities

A flexible service, from advice and training, to full management

3SK Services for Functional Safety Development

At 3SK, our experienced team can provide you with a completely bespoke service for functional safety development, based on your company’s unique needs.

We can assist you with planning and implementation of processes, training for staff on how to manage functional safety in-house, or we can even take on the role of Functional Safety Manager for your business.

Concept Level

At Concept Level, 3SK scope, assess and analyse the system under development to define clear objectives. This includes Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment concepts, and enables us to derive Functional Safety Requirements and an overall Functional Safety Concept in accordance with ISO 262626 Part 3.

System Level

3SK lead and support your teams in the development of required work products in relation to functional safety, including a clear system architectural design. System Level is where the specification of technical safety requirements (TSR) and strategies are developed for item integration, testing and safety validation to meet the requirements of ISO 262626 Part 4.

Software Level

To comply with ISO 262626 Part 6, 3SK supports your development teams in the specification of software safety requirements, software architectural design, software unit design and implementation. This includes software unit verification, software integration and verification and testing of the embedded software.

Confirmation Audits (Reviews)

This final stage is where 3SK will conduct audits, reviews and impact analysis to ensure you meet the standards of ISO 262626 Part 2. Items audited include: Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment, Safety Plan, Functional Safety Concept, Technical Safety Concept, Integration and Test Strategy, Safety Validation Specification, Safety Analysis and Dependant Failure Analysis, Safety Case, Functional Safety Audit.

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Why 3SK?

With our extensive experience in Functional Safety Development for both the automotive and aerospace industries, 3SK can provide exactly the service that your business needs.

Whether you need to ensure your current system is compliant with ISO 26262, need training for your own team so that you can manage functional safety in-house, or want an expert to take on the role of Functional Safety Manager for your business, we can help.

Case Study

Tier 1 HV Inverter manufacturer

A leading Tier 1 HV Inverter manufacturer contacts 3SK to develop Technical Safety Concept for their next generation Power Inverter.

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