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Organisational Management

Matching your organisation structure to your technical development streams can be difficult. At 3sK we can analyse your existing complex system and provide proposals for how best to organise your development teams. For new systems 3sK can help you to optimise the allocation of engineering effort onto your development plan. In either case understanding the Job Titles within your organisation and the Job Roles they are expected to fulfil is paramount to ensuring maximum efficiency.

3sK can support you within the following activities:

Project Organisation

Role identification

  • Identification of job roles to meet project deliverables
  • Role definition and description

Competency Mapping

  • Defining the competencies required for job roles
  • Creation of competency assessment criteria

Team balancing

  • Creating resource profiles of the required job roles at different stages of the project
  • Organisational analysis to identify job role overlaps and efficiency improvements

Departmental Planning

Organisation structures

  • Documenting and identifying the reporting structure for project teams vs management teams
  • Creating team briefs and templates for communication
  • Support the creation of new organisational teams
  • Identification of the required job titles and responsibilities
  • Creation of clear and unambiguous job descriptions

Team and System alignment

  • Matching system and sub-systems to organisational teams
  • Alignment of system boundaries to team responsibility
  • Identification of overlaps, misses and inefficiencies

Competency Development

  • Training
  • Mentoring / Coaching
  • Mock interviews and assessments


We will adapt our Organisational Management Framework in supporting your needs. We can either deploy the whole framework, or certain aspects of this framework.

It is designed to establish clear traceability between the people in your organisation, the roles they perform and the extent of their responsibility.

Our framework supports achievement of ISO 9001 (5.3 Organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities), IATF 16949 and (7.2  Competence) Automotive SPICE® Capability Level 2 (Generic Practice 2.1.5 to 2.1.7), which is to have clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Project vs Organisation

The difference between project and organisational teams can be visualised with the following diagram. This is an extract from our framework.

Having clear and concise descriptions agasint each part of the framework is vital to ensure that your “people” understand their job title and the role they are expected to perform. This type of view is useful for establishing the balance of project teams and where there are skills gaps in your organisation.

3sK can provide independent analysis of your organisation and projects teams. We will report back a set of recommendations and if required an action plan to get things moving. Rest assured you can trust 3sK to maintain confidentiality and discretion at all times.

Work Products

Below are examples of the types of activity 3sK can undertake, but we can adapt and extend to meet your needs.

  • Project and organisational team audits
  • Competency and role gap analysis
  • Development of team definitions and responsibility mapping to system structure
  • Documentation of project structures and role mappings
  • Bespoke training / competency development
  • Coaching and mentoring

All work products will be kept confidential and shared only with the work package stakeholders.

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