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Supplier Management and Auditing

As the supply chain for developing complex systems grows, so does the need for clear communication. Matching the needs of the information consumer to the outputs of the information producer is vitally important. 3sK can help you and your suppliers to establish clearer and better lines of communication through technical documentation, reports, requirements and project plans. We can also assist in determining the performance of your suppliers through audits, reviews and monitoring in line with IATF 16949.

If you (customer and/or supplier) have challenges with your collaboration, we can help. Issues such as poor quality, misunderstandings, lack of visibility on progress, inefficiency, poor flow of information can be improved using our management framework.

3sK can support you within the following activities:

Supplier / Customer Management

Customer / Supplier Interface

  • Defining and deploying operating processes operating across the boundary (e.g. change management)
  • Tools and methods to improve exchange of information (e.g requirements exchange)
  • Deployment of effective Risk Management

Supplier Sourcing

  • Specification of templates and work products for technical requirements
  • Specification of templates and work products for legal and compliance requirements
  • Specification of templates and work products for project requirements

Customer Management

  • Establishing mechanisms for reporting and delivering work products (product release)
  • Processes for reporting and escalation (e.g. dashboards, escalation matrix)

Supplier Monitoring & Auditing

Supplier Monitoring

  • Establishing development status dashboards (# of SW defects, requirement delivery status, test completion etc)
  • Product development trend analysis
  • Providing insights into supplier internal process maturity, process gaps
  • Managing process improvements
  • Managing product development improvements

Supplier Auditing

  • Support of IATF 16949 through assessments of supplier system / software development processes
  • Checking for consistency of operation across development sites
  • Informative or formal Automotive SPICE® assessments
  • Review of process compliance with ISO 26262


We will adapt our Supplier Management Framework in supporting your needs. We can either deploy the whole framework, or certain aspects of this framework.

It is designed to establish an effective partnership between customer and supplier, with suitable controls to continually monitor and improve the overall collaboration.

Robust Supplier Sourcing

  • Evaluating capability of potential suppliers
  • Creation of high quality requirement specifications (legal, administrative, project, technical…)
  • Determining risk and risk countermeasures and contingencies

Collaboration Planning

  • Defining joint working processes
  • Implementing methods and mechanisms to enable effective information flow
  • Planning the interdependent development activities
  • Aligning development gateways

System & SW Development Sprints

  • Ensuring agility in the development life-cycle

Monitor & Control

  • Providing accessible and informative measures for development progress and status
  • Assessing process capability / audits
  • Support identification and implementation of continual improvements
  • Ensuring effective risk management


  • Review of quality issues (defects, bugs…) to determine systemic root causes and identifying improvements
  • Review of scheduling concerns, late delivery, and recommendation of improvement actions

Work Products

Below are examples of the types of activity 3sK can undertake, but we can adapt and extend to meet your needs.

  • Supplier process assessments
  • Identification and tracking of improvement actions
  • Development of requirements and specifications to support robust supplier sourcing
  • Development of joint working processes, acting independently between both parties
  • Definition and implementation of tools and methods to support exchange of information
  • Provision of dashboards to track development status

All work products are compliant with relevant standards appropriate for the domain, such as Automotive SPICE®, ISO 26262, ISO 15288.

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