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Technical Development

We specialise in the development of safety critical embedded systems. Our approach is to elicit customer requirements, followed by decomposition to system requirements to allocation to sub system elements – including hardware and software. 3sK’s simple mantra towards product development is – “Create Once – Reuse Many Times”.

We can work with your existing product development processes or create a lean process – fit for purpose to deliver maximum value.

3sK consultants have experience in the following domains, substantiated by numerous patents, publications and awards.

Product Domain


  • Electric Vehicles
  • Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Powertrain
  • Drivetrain
  • HV Battery Management Systems
  • Electric Steering Systems
  • Functional design of vehicle features


  • Functional Architecture definition and management
  • Train Control Management System (TCMS)


  • Maritime combat management system verification
  • Maritime combat management system integration
  • Secure video management system integration & design

Engineering Domain

Systems Engineering:

  • Stakeholder Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Model Based System Engineering
  • System Design
  • System Architecture
  • System Verification
  • Tool customisation and profiling

Functional Safety:

  • Concept Phase
    • Item Definition
    • Hazard & Risk Assessment
    • Safety Goals
    • Functional Safety Requirements
  • System Level:
    • Technical Safety Requirements
    • System Design
  • Safety Management

Robustness Studies and Reliability Analysis:

  • Parameter Diagrams
  • FMEA & FTA

Verification & Validation

  • System verification and validation
  • System integration testing
  • Software component testing


3sK have developed our own technical engineering framework, which incorporates appropriate aspects from established systems engineering approaches, extends to assure compliance with ISO 15288, Automotive SPICE and ISO 26262.

Our framework is simplified and easy to adapt with the objective to maximise reuse of artefacts and incorporates reliability, resilience and robustness within the core system engineering activity.

3sK can utilise our own framework (example model using our framework) in delivery of your technical development needs, or we can use your established approached if required. Of course, we can also support the combined utilisation of both your and our approaches, where it adds value.

Frequent communication with stakeholders, customers, sub system, SW and HW teams is essential in order to ensure system designs consider reuse, constraints, costs and feasibility. Of course, this also fosters a collaborative and engaging work environment, and builds the team spirit between our organisations.

It is essential that we avoid unnecessary and foreseeable failures in any design. Therefore throughout development we continually assess robustness, reliability and resilience of the developing solution.

Work Products

Below are examples of the types of activity 3sK can undertake, but we can adapt and extend to meet your needs.

  • Elicitation and definition of stakeholder requirements, including requirements to satisfy regulations and legislation
  • Definition of customer focused features
  • Determination of system primary functions to achieve the stakeholder requirements. Strong consideration for robustness and reliability
  • Determination of system secondary functions to add fault/failure detection mechanisms and fault/failure mitigation functions and methods
  • System architectural design, allocation of functions to system elements, definition of interfaces
  • Resilience analysis on system inputs and interfaces between systems
  • Definition of system verification methods for both primary and secondary functions and system interfaces
  • Executable system model
  • Completion of Functional Safety concept phase activities (ISO 26262 Part 3)
  • Completion of Functional Safety concept phase activities (ISO 26262 Part 4)
  • Completion of verification testing
  • Management of the whole activity, including ISO 26262 Part 2.
  • Definition of System Verification strategy
  • Definition of System Integration strategy
  • Overal testing strategy the can prove compliance to requirements

All work products are compliant with relevant standards appropriate for the domain, such as Automotive SPICE, ISO 26262, ISO 15288.

Format of work products will be agreed between 3sK and our customer.

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