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Informative Process Assessments

Informative Process Assessments

The Situation

  • Several Suppliers of embedded automotive software are required to attain Automotive SPICE capability level 3 compliance by their Customers
  • These Suppliers may have internal objectives to enhance their development processes in order to improve system and software quality
  • IATF 16949 2015 mandates the assessment by Manufacturers of their Supplier software development process. Automotive SPICE provides a suitable model
  • Many Supplier’s development processes do not follow a standardised model such as Automotive SPICE, some have inadequate and/or inefficient development processes
  • Many Suppliers don’t know the gaps and relative strengths of their current process
  • These Suppliers need to quickly improve, but don’t necessarily have the required capability, knowledge or capacity

These Suppliers have a shared challenge – the need to rapidly improve process capability, improve agility, reduce waste, and comply with standards.

The Approach

We scoped and prioritised each of the process assessments, by:

  • Explaining the concepts of Automotive SPICE and it’s 32 processes to the Supplier
  • Understanding the Supplier’s product and business. For example, did the Supplier develop system and / or software? Were there sub-Suppliers? Did the Supplier have one or multiple product lines?
  • Establishing the causes of major quality issues with Supplier software, and determining the process step where these issues escaped

We then jointly agreed and prioritised the processes which were to be assessed and scheduled the assessment.

The assessment took an open and collaborative approach, eliciting the true and full definition and deployment of each process, including concerns the Supplier had with the process. We didn’t want just ‘golden’ examples of the process and work products!

Project Boundary

Once the assessments were completed, we consolidated the results into a presentation and report, and provided interactive feedback to the Supplier.

The Outcomes

Our assessors have completed informative assessments across the globe (China, India, Europe, USA), at a variety of businesses. Our assessors are expert in defining and deploying agile system and software engineering processes across numerous automotive technical domains.

Using this experience combined with our understanding of industry standards we made pragmatic process improvement recommendations.

3sK Process Assessment Feedback

Additionally, we provided objective informal results on current capability level for each of the assessed processes verse the Automotive SPICE process assessment model.

The supplier achieved a clear status on strengths and gaps of their current process and practical recommendations on process improvement.

Value Add

  • Clear gap analysis of current process capability verse Automotive SPICE process assessment model
  • Correlation between process gaps and product quality concerns
  • Unlike standard assessments, we provided Pragmatic recommendations for agile process improvements
  • Process strengths and areas of best practice understood (don’t fix it if it isn’t broken)
  • The above ultimately led to leaner processes and improvement in product quality

Do you have development process concerns?

Work products have quality issues?

Need to be Automotive SPICE compliant?

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