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Audits & Assessments


A globally leading embedded system development consultancy working for a reputed and famous automotive OEM, was looking for ASPICE informative GAP analysis and Functional Safety process compliance confirmation.

The organisation recognised their need of ASPICE informative GAP analysis and Confirmation reviews with following goals:

  • Assess existing Capability level for Software Engineering life cycle processes
  • Assess existing Capability level for Management and Supporting processes
  • Achieve good confidence level with ISO 26262 compliant SDLC processes and supporting processes Complete Confirmation Reviews to ensure fulfilment ISO 26262 requirements
  • Overall project quality improvement and Process Improvements
  • Meet customer’s expectations for ASPICE Capability Level and ISO 26262
  • This was safety critical development with Aurix Microcontroller. Several well-known Tier 1 customers from Europe, USA and Asia have already used this safety manager application and integrated it into their AURIX™ applications.


3SK supported this esteemed organisation with ASPICE informative GAP analysis and ISO 26262 Confirmation reviews.

Our approach was simple and comprehensive:

  1. Detailed reviews and discussions with our customers to understand their expectations from ASPICE and ISO 26262.
  2. Performing GAP analysis to understand the current Process Profile Matrix for the selected scope.
  3. Assessment of related process areas – Software Engineering, Supporting and Management – providing detailed analysis reports.
  4. Providing detailed outcomes with GAPs, findings and recommendations.
  5. Helping the Client set out realistic and achievable process goals and Capability level expectations.
  6. Deriving detailed process improvement plans for weak process areas.
  7. Performing detailed confirmation reviews.


  1. Further to our informative GAP analysis we worked with customers to derive process improvement plans, planned workshops and training sessions.
  2. Detailed GAP analysis outcome was shared by 3SK.
  3. Detailed Verification Report was provided by 3SK for FuSa (ISO 26262)
  4. Confirmation reviews were performed without conflict of interest considering appropriate degree of independence as recommended by standard. (ASPICE/ FuSa ISO 26262)

Key outcome


Audits and Assessments

A comprehensive review and roadmap for compliance with ISO 26262 and Automotive SPICE not only reduces business risk but demonstrates the quality of your real-time embedded systems

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